Black 3D Gel Resin Acrylic Plates

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Our 3D Characters are manufactured from a gel resin, giving a domed effect. These plates are produced using the highest quality acrylic backing plates, perfectly formed black gel resin letters and premium reflective backing.

  • Fully road legal under BSAU145e (unless tinted)
  • Safe to pressure wash
  • Chemical resistant
  • BSAU regulated
  • Come with legal markings (unless requested not to or tinted selected)

What are 'shortened plates'?

We can customise your new premium number plates by shortening them, reducing the excess unused space on either side of your registration. This provides a unique and cleaner look for your plates. We leave an 11mm gap between the edge of the plate and the characters.

What are 'tinted plates'?

Wanting to add an aggressive look to your vehicle? Check our tinted plates out! Delta plates can cut number plates from smoked acrylic sheets, we do not use cheap films to ‘tint’ plates! We only do the real deal. Take a look at the darksideThese are show plates only.

For more information on plate variations please read our home page or contact us.